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About Me

Legal representation is something that most of us hope to go a lifetime without needing. Yet, all of us need a legally sound will and estate plan; Far too many of us find us facing a broken marriage and need a family law attorney; Others of us find ourselves in need of legal advice regarding a real estate deal gone wrong, a landlord/tenant dispute, child support issues, a step-parent adoption, or other civil matters.

My name is Melinda D. Miles and I have been practicing civil litigation in Alaska for over seventeen years. A 1987 graduate of Syracuse College of Law, I did my undergraduate work at Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington. I have been in business for myself since 1994, taking a short break from practicing law to run Iditarod, 2004.

Whether you find yourself in a dispute with your neighbor, or a dispute with your exspouse, I can offer Alaskan residents sound and affordable legal advice and representation. Whatever entanglement you find yourself in, don’t take a guess as to your legal rights and responsibilities. Seek an attorney’s advice.